Mary GroceMary Groce has been indulging her passion for the written word since 1975. Since then, she continues to write poems, essays, articles, short stories, songs, and books for both adults and children. For good measure, she is the editor-in-chief of a monthly newsletter, and she and her partner are facilitators of a writers’ group.

Mary has created a website, EmoryConradMalick.com, and a Facebook page (Emory Conrad Malick). She has completed writing and illustrating a two-part children’s book about her great uncle, “Lila Tells the Story of Emory Conrad Malick, Our First Licensed Black Pilot” (for ages 5-8), as well as writing a middle grade historical novel, “Aunt Cora’s Wart, An Historical Faerie Tale: Nipper Fest!” Mary has also written “Lila and Jonah have an Earthquake!” (for ages 3-5). All three children’s books are available on Amazon.com.

Mary’s works-in-progress include writing and illustrating “Brenna on the Move!” (for ages 5-8), as well as writing the biography of her great uncle, “Hidden Hero: Emory Conrad Malick (1881-1958), Pioneer in Aviation”, for which she has been awarded the Smithsonian’s 2019 A. Verville Fellowship from the National Air & Space Museum.

Also in the works is her memoir, “Plucked, A Complainte,” which tells of her marriages, her children and grandchildren, coming out as a lesbian—twice, finding her life partner, her mother’s suicide, the discovery of her mixed heritage, and her years as a harpist and singer.

Mary’s writing credits include several essays and short stories (published in now-defunct Philadelphia LGBT newspapers, Labyrinth and Au Courant), including “Mom’s Café,” “Midsummer Daydream,” and “Mutiny.”

Mary earned her B.A. in English with a concentration in Theatre Arts from Gettysburg College in 1971; since then, she has enjoyed attending workshops and writers’ conferences. Mary is a proud member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.